Cake and Ice Cream Causes Writer to Stop Writing

I accept that when I make a major life decision that there will be an obstacle or two along the way.

The day before I decided that writing was a passion I could no longer ignore, my computer worked, my calendar was blank, and I hadn’t had a health issue — ever.

Life gets interesting fast when you dare to challenge the inertia that comes from accepting what fate has given you.

Telling myself that handwriting my stories, negotiating writing time with my calendar and studying the drama inside a hospital would make me a better storyteller worked for the writer in me. But sometimes I feel like my life is film but with the boring parts added back in!

That’s the trouble.

I can handle the boulder rolling in my path. It’s a challenge. It can actually be interesting. It’s as if Life is asking how bad do you want this? Enough to work through these big challenges?

Let me show you I can do it! All those others who claim to want to achieve something but never get off the couch are going to eat it as I cruise by. In my mind, I’m an admirable warrior meeting the challenges with flair and style.

Badass…writer…(don’t laugh).

So, if a broken computer, not enough time, and health issues are obstacles I can defeat as proof of my will to write professionally, what’s the problem?

Cake and ice cream.

Being a writer I can distance myself from my life events and think this is just like in the movies! It’s what makes life interesting! This is what people write and everyone thinks it’s exciting!

But after awhile trudging through life all day gets pretty routine.

I can recognize the big things as testing my will to work towards my goal.

It’s the other things that come wrapped up pretty, begging me to give them a try.

Cake and ice cream.

I know it’s going to be good.

I have limited time each day to write. Or eat cake.

In 20 minutes I can write a couple hundred words. Or I can eat and oh, I don’t know, have a second slice and then tell the person who made it how I loved it, google the recipe, send it to all my friends. There I go blowing writing time.

It didn’t look like an obstacle.

I had a chance to direct a local group of kids in a play this spring. None of them are professionals—just a community thing but I thought it would be good to start somewhere in understanding how words on paper translate into action. My mind whirled with all the things I needed to do to make it a success.

Seems reasonable.

Except it would cut significantly into my writing time.

There was a time I would have accepted the job without a second thought. Hey, I got asked because someone recognized I could do a good job. I guess I should do it.

No, I shouldn’t.

Cake and ice cream isn’t as always as good as it looks. Right now I need to get words—lots of words—on paper.

I have a low tolerance for boredom. So I have a tendency to mistake pretty opportunities as good things…and not obstacles to writing.

I signed up for an intro to voice acting class. Doing something a little out of my range and maybe find something else I could do to supplement my income. I researched it and realized it would take as much dedication as pursuing a writing career. Still I went to the class. The instructor had us read various copy. She told me later I had potential if I wanted to pursue it. At that moment an invisible hand slapped me upside the head. What was I thinking? Just because I could, should I?

Cake and ice cream.

I need to write.


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