Where you aim, is where you land

Where you aim, is where you land.

                                                 ~garet pezz

There are exceptions. Of course.

But if you set out to put dinner on the table for your loved ones, that’s what they get.  Food. If, on the other hand you set out to make it an evening to remember, suddenly there’s wine, great bread, and a dish everyone raves about.  And, oh, dessert.  Yum.

Goals are great.

As markers on the route you’ve chosen. 

You decide to write a book. Then what?  So you decide to attend college then what?  You want to go on vacation.  And? And?

You saved and you went on your vacation to the Bahamas.  You met your goal, no more, no less. Done. What if you’d reached for more?  What if you’d aimed for having the ability to go on any vacation you wanted?  Surely, you would have gone to the Bahamas…and so many other places. Because you went beyond the easily attainable goal. 

You aimed for college. You got it done. Now what? Did you take whatever came as a result of that goal? But what if you’d aimed farther? For a certain career, a kind of lifestyle? You still would’ve attended college but maybe with a different attitude.  Choices would have been different.  You’d have a degree and so much more.

You wrote a book. Terrific. At least you finished.  But what if you’d aimed for more? A career as a professional writer–however you define that. Requires more effort, right? You would’ve learned and sacrificed and pushed yourself. The book would’ve been done but in the process you’d have so much more.

Where you aim, is where you land. You won’t go any further than where you aim. Is that where you want to end up?

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